Rethink life

Once someone asked Osho how to avoid a pandemia.

Osho: “You are asking the wrong question. The question should have been like this: “Say something about the fear of dying in my heart because of the epidemic?

How to save yourself from this fear? Because it is very easy to avoid virus, but it is very difficult to avoid the fear that is present within you and in the world.

People will die more because of this fear than because of the epidemic. There is no virus in this world that is more dangerous than fear. Understand this fear, otherwise you will become an alive dead body before your body will die.

It has nothing to do with the virus. The frightening atmosphere you are watching right now is a collective madness, which is always decreasing after some time. The reasons keep changing, but this kind of collective madness keeps on being revealed from time to time.

[…] It has been a thousand times before, and it will continue to happen. […] Stop enjoying the juiciness of fear. Usually every human being enjoys fear a little bit. If they don’t have fun in fear, then why would they go to watch movies?

[…] Normally you are the owner of your fear. But in the moment of collective madness your ownership can be touched. Your unconsciousness can take it over completely. You won’t even know when you have lost control over your fear and fear others.

[…] Stay alert. Do not look at any video or news that gives you fear within. Stop talking about the epidemic – repeating the same thing again and again is the birth of self-hypnosis. Fear is a kind of self-hypnosis. This idea will cause chemical changes in the body.

[…] There are a lot of other things happening in the world, pay attention to them.

[…] As long as death doesn’t come there is no meaning of fearing what is inevitable. […] Those who offer their today for tomorrow are afraid of death.

[…] Rethink life. Fear will not solve anything and there is no cure for death. If you don’t die from a pandemic, then you will have to die another day, and that day can be any day. That’s why: keep ready. Don’t take down your life.”


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